Etna and Taormina, from the ancient volcano to the sea

On the roof of Europe's highest volcano turning our gaze to the pearl of the Mediterranean

What an extraordinary island our Sicily is! Able to offer you in a handful of minutes a leap of 3000m altitude. There where mountain and sea chase each other in breathtaking naturalistic scenery, showing themselves in all their strength and beauty, an excursion awaits you that puts everyone in agreement. Whether you prefer sea or mountains you are in the right place!

Learn about Etna's history and its natural, wildlife and floral heritage. Arriving at Rifugio Sapienza at an elevation of 1,900m, you can explore the volcano's paths and continue with a walk-trekking to the Silvestri craters, or ascend to an elevation of 2,500m by the convenient cable car, or even go off-road to an elevation of 3,000m.

Lose yourself in the surreal atmosphere of a lava, lunar, monochromatic landscape, let yourself be carried away by the magic of a timeless place, suspended in an indefinite dimension.

Then turn around, look at the nearby sea on the horizon and contemplate all the extraordinariness of this wonderful island.

And then down, hairpin bend after hairpin bend, to the sea and its marvelous Taormina, pearl of the Mediterranean, an exclusive town built sheer on a jagged cliff, one of the most prestigious and refined tourist centers in eastern Sicily.

Stroll along the city's splendid main street, with its medieval cathedral and castles, lose yourself in the picturesque alleys to enjoy their magical atmosphere.

An unforgettable day, full of contrasting and unprecedented emotions with the flavor of forest, lava and sea and salt.