EVO, the green gold of Sicily

Evo 4 You! Discovering the oil mills of the territory

It is right here, between the sea and the hills that the "green gold" of Sicily is born: Extra virgin olive oil, heritage of the island's history, story of Syracuse's culture and territory. Excellence and indispensable ingredient to enrich the taste of all dishes of traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Knowledge, ambition, tenacity, and the strength of a generous territory with a strong agricultural vocation. Respect for nature, traditions, authenticity, handed down from generation to generation.

Walk among the olive groves, appreciate the majesty of the trees and immerse yourself in the typical rural atmosphere of the Syracuse countryside.

Discover all the secrets, techniques and stages of oil production with exclusive visits to local oil mills, tasting various types of oil accompanied by samples of the local food and wine, for a taste experience among the flavors and aromas of good Sicilian food.

Sink your hands into the earth, smell its perfume, breathe deeply, taste... and you will understand everything, EVO oil will have no more secrets for you!

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