On the route of Ulysses: Marzamemi San Lorenzo and Vendicari from the sea

Into the Blue! Boat excursion in and around Marzamemi

Let's face it, a stay in Syracuse cannot fail to include a boat excursion in its beautiful sea. The adventure begins even before embarking precisely in Marzamemi, one of the best-known seaside villages in all of Sicily, with its ancient charm, made up of small blond sandstone houses with peeling walls, and then the old tuna fishery, its picturesque church, the small restaurants with wooden tables outside, evoking atmospheres of the nearby Aegean, and again the large typical Sicilian ceramic vases and the colorful flowers everywhere.

Here where the sun pokes in everywhere and where the sea and sky compete for who is bluest, get ready for an experience to carry in your heart.

At the marina in Marzamemi you can rent a boat (40hp) for your exclusive use, sailing along Sicily's beautiful east coast, but don't forget to visit the picturesque fishing village first (just a 10-minute walk away).

Skirt the beach of San Lorenzo and the reserve of Vendicari, follow the breath of the sea, find refreshment by diving into the crystal clear waters, edging from beach to beach, or head south to the irresistible lure of Portopalo di Capo Passero suggestive watershed and crossroads of sailors of all times...

Turn off the engine and look at the horizon, you are in Mediterranean history!