Syracuse, a journey through time and history

The city of many souls!

Syracuse in all its beauty, the ancient capital of Magna Graecia opulent and superb, with its sights, tastes and scents the highest expression of a millennial Mediterranean culture. A surprising fusion of styles and dominations with different souls, which made it a truly unique place. In every corner, traces of ancient civilizations in a succession of emotions in which to get lost.

A journey through history among the main monuments of the ancient city:
The magnificent Greek Theater, the Latomie, the fabulous Ear of Dionysius and the Roman Amphitheater and, of course, the unmissable Neapolis Archaeological Park to fill your sight and heart with beauty. Get lost in the alleys of Ortigia, the most fascinating neighborhood of ancient traditions in Syracuse. Be seduced by the beauty of Piazza Duomo with a visit to the splendid cathedral and be breathless before the enchanting nymph Arethusa!

All this is Syracuse, a city capable of giving you strong emotions for a multi-sensory experience that will deliver indelible memories.

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