The great nature reserve, Vendicari and Marzamemi

Unspoiled nature and fishing villages.

Spend a day in the unspoiled nature of the Vendicari Nature Reserve and get lost in the alleys of the enchanting fishermen's village of Marzamemi--different emotions one territory.

There where man and nature coexist in a symbiotic relationship of respect, you will be surprised at how alongside places that bear witness to ancient civilizations, such authentic and wild natural areas have been preserved.

At the Vendicari Nature Reserve, you can immerse yourself in the wildlife beauty of this area. You will admire numerous species of migratory birds such as herons, cormorants and, with luck, even flamingos. The dense vegetation alternates with the crystal clear sea offering a spectacular play of colors, and when you arrive at the first beach you will admire the striking remains of the Tonnara di Vendicari.

The experience continues with a visit to Marzamemi, the charming fishing village of Arab origin, with its ancient charm. Small blond sandstone houses with peeling walls, and then the old tuna fishery, its picturesque church, small restaurants with wooden tables outside, evoking atmospheres of the nearby Aegean, and again the large typical Sicilian ceramic vases and colorful flowers everywhere.